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Eventually lucid24.org will be available as a downloadable zip or app, offsite local version you can browse offline off the internet on your personal computers and small internet browsing devices. In the meantime:

For low internet data bandwidth usage

* Maybe you live in remote areas with very slow internet
* Maybe you pay by the minute and by the megabyte for expensive internet data plans.
There are text only web browsers for both PC's and cel phones, but the ones I've tried so far have limitations and undesirable effects, like not supporting utf-8 pāli diacriticals and extended character sets. The best way seems to be configuring firefox and chrome (two of the most popular webbrowsers) to not load pictures at all, which is what can eat up a lot of megabyte data usage quickly.

for firefox

For firefox browser
go to (type this on web address line)

in the search bar, search for:
(if you use mouse to cut and paste above line, you'll need to trim beginning and trailing white space on search bar)
Step 4 – Just do a double click and modify the value to 2 to block all images.
(change it back to "1" to re-enable images)

for windows 10 firefox, it seems like you can change settings on a private browser window, and the setting only affects that session.

for chrome

For google chrome browser:
go directly to this page (type it on web address line),
then turn the switch off.

For windows 10 pc, this seems to affect chrome globally, for all windows private/incognito or normal mode.

(tips courtesy of )



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