4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

 4👑☸UPED📚ap-pamāda     maraṇa-s-sati 💀   (⤴)

a-p-pamāda 🐘🐾‍ = assiduity

assiduity = ass + sit + do it + ty: You sit your ass down until you can do it (realize nirvana)
1. Specialized Buddhist meaning: The quality or state of being Assiduous, unrelenting in moment to moment commitment and application of energy into practice and realization of ☸Dharma (...virāga, nirodha, ... nirvana).
2. Pre-Buddhist, ordinary meaning: diligence, heedfulness, carefulness, vigilance, conscientiousness.

pamāda 🥴 = negligence

Pamāda [cp. Vedic pramāda, pa+mad] heedlessness, carelessness, negligence, indolence, remissness


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