4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

SN 8 Vangīsa Thera Saṃyutta

12 suttas. Vangisa famous as a poet monk.

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Vaṅgīsa Vagga

SN 8.1 2m, Nikkhanta: renounced
Vaṅgīsa newly ordained sees several women and his mind becomes infected with lust.

SN 8.2 3m, A-rati: dis-satisfied
Vaṅgīsa infected with lust again, overcomes it with own efforts.

SN 8.3 2m, Pesalātimaññanā: good hearted
Vaṅgīsa sees conceit in himself for being great poet, arouses remorse.

SN 8.4 3m, Ānanda: (name of a chief disciple)
Ānanda Teaches Vaṅgīsa How to Destroy Lust

SN 8.5 3m, Su-bhāsita: well-spoken
Buddha teaches 4 factors that make speech well-spoken.

SN 8.6 3m, Sāriputta: (name of a chief disciple)
Vaṅgīsa praises Sāriputta through verse.

SN 8.7 5m, Pavāraṇā: invitation to admonish
Buddha, Sariputta, and 500 monks invite each other to admonish one another.

SN 8.8 4m, Paro-sahassa: over-a-thousand
Vaṅgīsa spontaneously composes poetry to praise Buddha in front of over a thousand monks.

SN 8.9 3m, Koṇḍañña: (name of elder monk)
Vaṅgīsa praises Koṇḍañña through verse.
Notable event in sutta: Koṇḍañña hadn't seen Buddha in a long time, upon greeting him kisses his feet, shows great affection. In other words just because he's an arahant he's not acting robotic and detached, they still display very genuine human emotions outwardly.

SN 8.10 2m, Moggallāna: (name of a chief disciple)
Vaṅgīsa praises Moggallāna through verse.

SN 8.11 2m, Gaggarā: (name of a place)
Vaṅgīsa spontaneously composes poetry to praise Buddha in front of large Sangha gathering with monastics, lay people, deities.

SN 8.12 2m, Vaṅgīsa: (name of monk famous for poetry)
Vaṅgīsa had recently attained arahantship, and composed verse to celebrate.

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