4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

SN 21 Bhikkhu Saṃyutta

(12 suttas)
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Bhikkhu Vagga

SN 21.1 Kolita:(lay name of mahā moggallāna): "noble silence" is second jhāna.
SN 21.2 Upatissa: (lay name of sariputta): “That must be because Venerable Sāriputta has long ago totally uprooted ego, possessiveness, and the underlying tendency to conceit. So even if the Teacher were to decay and perish, it wouldn’t give rise to sorrow, lamentation, pain, sadness, and distress in him.”
SN 21.3 Ghaṭa : mound of salt: moggallana and sariputta praise each other as the best
SN 21.4 Nava-bhikkhu: junior-monk: attains 4j and arahantship quickly, but doesn't help other monks with chores
SN 21.5 Su-jāta: good-birth (name of monk): buddha praises him for being beautiful in two ways, on the outside (rupa handsome) and inside (arahant)
SN 21.6 Lakuṇṭaka­bhaddiya : name of monk : “Mendicants, do you you see this monk coming—ugly, unsightly, deformed, and despised by the mendicants?” “Yes, sir.” “That mendicant is very mighty and powerful. It’s not easy to find an attainment that he has not already attained. And he has realized the supreme end of the spiritual path in this very life
SN 21.7 Visākha­pañcāli-putta: visakha(name of monk)-pancali's-son: buddha praises him as an arahant with great skill in teaching and is qualified to teach, not a teacher with no attainment praised as a skilled teacher
SN 21.8 Nanda : buddha's cousin: nanda was concerned with wearing nice robes, good food, wearing makeup. later he followed the buddha's advice and lived in seclusion practicing austerities, wearing rag robes, eating simple food.
SN 21.9 Tissa : buddha's cousin: tissa was crying because of being scolded by other monks. buddha tells him he shouldn't be angry, and he should be able to take what he dishes out to others.
SN 21.10 Theranāmaka: this elder was famous for practicing solitude. buddha then teaches him the full meaning of living alone - “That is a kind of living alone, I don’t deny it. But as to how living alone is fulfilled in detail, listen and pay close attention, I will speak.” “Yes, sir,” he replied. “And how, Senior, is living alone fulfilled in detail? It’s when what’s in the past is given up, what’s in the future is relinquished, and desire and greed for present incarnations is eliminated. That’s how living alone is fulfilled in detail.”
SN 21.11 Mahākappina: buddha praises this arahant who is "white, thin, and pointing nose." then goes on to say - “Khattiyo seṭṭho janetasmiṃ, “The aristocrat is best of those people ye gottapaṭisārino; who take clan as the standard. Vijjācaraṇasampanno, But one accomplished in knowledge and conduct so seṭṭho devamānuse. is best of gods and humans.
SN 21.12 Sahāyaka: companions: buddha praises these arahant disciples of mahakappina

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