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🐿️ Squirrel shows how passadhi is done

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Half of jhana meditation is training the mind. The other half is really easy, just pacify your body, relax deeply. You do that everyday when you go to sleep, or when you get a massage, get endorphins when you exercise. Even animals do it all the time. If you can sleep, if animals can do the passadhi part of jhana, so can you. Video proof:

1.squirrel and his whiskers get massage 1min.

2.squirrel loves to be pet or combed

3. squirrel wont let him stop petting

🔗2 min video, 1080p downloadable
You can see how relaxed and how much the squirrel enjoys it. When the guy moves his hand away, the squirrel grabs the hand to make him continue. This is exactly how you should treat your meditation. It's a pleasant abiding, a heavenly dwelling, a brahma state of mind, and you can and should stay in this state as long as you can, just like the squirrel is demonstrating. But you have the advantage! You don't need someone else to get into jhana and passaddhi. You can just do it anytime you want, instant on. Not doing it, as much as possible all day long is just irrational.
Of course depending on what other activities you're doing throughout the day, you can't always maintain full jhana, but you should always be able to keep a fraction of it going, and take frequent 1 second breaks to reconnect with jhana at least partially, keep that pilot light on and the engine warm and running, ready to go full blast whenever there's idle time.

4. Baby capybara (35 sec.)

🔗35 sec.video, 1080p downloadable


🔗baby capybara, first jhana really can be this easy

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