4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

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āneñja : Imperturbable

There are two distinct contexts.

1.✅ A purified version of the fourth jhāna, where the meditator has perceptions of both internal rūpa (meditator's physical body), and external rūpa (any material form made of 4 elements or their derivatives).
See j4🌕 āneñja⚡ for details.

2.✅ Formless attainments, such as the dimension of infinite space, infinite consciousness, etc., where meditator does not have perceptions of internal rūpa (meditator's physical body).
MN 106 a great example where āneñja ‍is formless, not fourth jhāna.

⛔The first three jhānas are never referred to as 'imperturbable', in fact MN 66 calls them 'perturbable'!

MN 66 is one of the best suttas to study, because it explains the imperturbability of 4th jhāna (compared to the first three), and then explains how the formless attainments "go beyond" (samatik-kama) the 4th jhāna.

āneñja (imperturbable)

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