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Jhāna-lite, jhana light, as opposed to ‘jhāna-heavy’


What is “jhāna-lite”?

"jhana-lite" is a pejorative, derogatory term expressing contempt or disapproval at a straightforward plain language understanding of the Buddha's definition of 'jhāna'.
Instead, the preferred and exalted 'jhana-heavy' is somehow supposed to represent the Buddha's true intention of 'jhana', even though that understanding comes from Buddhist schools hundreds of years later, and requires a byzantine and nonsensical overriding of common word meanings, which would require a time traveler to go back to the Buddha's time to inform him of the new definitions, so that the new meditation instructions would actually work when the Monks tried to put the Jhana instructions to use. Examples:
'body' is redefined as 'mind',
'material form consisting of 4 elements' is redefined as 'non material ethereal form with mind divorced from any bodily sensation',
'thoughts that one thinks before vocalizing them' is redefined has 'placing the mind' (divorced from any content of thought).

strong advisory

It would be strongly advisable not to use the term 'Jhana lite' to denigrate those who place primacy on the Buddha's words in the EBT suttas over the redefinition and reinterpretation of Buddhists who came hundreds of years later in late Abhidhamma and Visuddhimagga. This is tantamount to slandering the Buddha.

acceptable terms to characterize the Buddha’s definition of jhāna

1. “EBT jhāna”: how jhāna is defined in Early Buddhist Texts
2. “sutta jhāna’ how jhāna is defined in pali suttas.
3. “Jhāna”: This is the preferred method. Out of respect to the Buddha, we should automatically assume we’re using his definition, not a redefinition that came several hundred years later.

how ‘jhāna’ gets redefined by later schools of Buddhists

Detailed audit of how Vism. redefines jhāna here: VRJ👻🥶
Detailed audit of how Ajahn Brahm rides the coat tails of VRJ and redefines jhana here: BRJ👻🥶

"jhana-heavy" is an acceptable term to use

And remarkably accurate in describing VRJ👻🥶 and the underlying Abhidhamma behind it.

Definition of "heavy":
* hard to deal with, burdensome, or hard to understand
* adjective 1. of great weight; difficult to lift or move.
* similar to 'heavy' - weighty, leaden, burdensome, hulking, overweight, paunchy, obese, corpulent

* 2. of great density; thick or substantial.
"heavy gray clouds", Similar: dense, thick, opaque, soupy

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