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(Aud)io (T)ales (i)n (P)āli

Audio Dhamma & Vinaya in Pāli, English, and other languages.

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Where the actual audio data files are stored

All the actual audio data files are stored on archive.org here: https://archive.org/details/audtip-lucid24-homepage
audtip.org is just a mirror of lucid24.org, and sutta texts on those sites that have audio available, will have links that point to the archive.org site above.

Lucid24.org and 🔊audtip.org have merged

From the home page sutta links ( AN‍ DN‍ KN‍ MN‍ SN‍ 🏛️ Vin‍ ):
Anywhere you see this symbol 🔗🔊:
It contains an external website link to archive.org containing FLAC and MP3 audio recordings.

audtip.org recording file metadata format

metadata format standards

Obsolete old websites that may get taken down by google

audtip recording and proof listening wiki
audtip pali wiki

Blog announcing new recordings

🔗What's New?: If you want to be notified of new audtip recordings, you can subscribe to the blog by email or RSS feed.
There are also 🔗several ways to subscribe to the 🎙️audtip🔊‍ podcast: facebook, twitter, RSS feed, etc. You can expect at least 10 minutes of recording released weekly.

Audio Dhamma talks not from EBT period

🎙️ EBT at heart 🔊 (but not from EBT time)

Other sites with audio sutta recordings

🔗Ancient Buddhist Texts: Ven. Ven. Ānandajoti reads in English, Pāli, Sanskrit.
🔗paliaudio.com: English from AN, DN, MN, SN
(nice Eng. readings of MN and DN suttas, but poor microphone quality)

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