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ni-j-jhāna: jhāna means meditation, so does ni-j-jhāna.

✅ jhāna means 'meditation' with singular focus. ni-j-jhāna is nearly synonymous. See SN 22.95.
⛔ nijjhāna does not mean 'gazing'. Gazing with the eyes is a superficial aspect that may or may not accompany nijjhāna.
⛔ nijjhāna is not (restricted to) 'thinking' or 'worrying'. In some contexts it may include that, but as SN 22.95 shows, nijjhāna can also be equivalent to 4 jhānas, a-vitakka a-vicāra samādhi, which is samādhi with subverbal mental processing without lingustic thought.

    diá¹­á¹­hi ni-j-jhāna khanti: meditating on a view, then accepting it as true.
    dhammā ni-j-jhānaṃ khamanti: meditating on Dharma, then accepting it as true. See MN 70 and MN 95.


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