4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

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Chinese āgamas

DA‍: Dīrgh'-āgama: Long discourses
EA‍: Ekottarik'-Āgama. single file: EA‍
MA: Madhyama Āgama: middle length discourses. single file: MA
SA‍: Saṃ-yukt'-āgama: connected discourses. single file: SA
SA-2 : all 364 sutras
DSS: Dhyāna Samādhi Sutra
Method of Dhyāna : Kumārajīva “The Essential Explanation of The Method of Dhyāna” 禪法要解


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Ab Vb : Theravāda Abhidhamma Vibhaṅga
    deprecated 💀: Te Ab Vb Te Abhidhamma vibhaṅga
Vimt.: vimutti-magga (Ñānatusita's trans.: Vimt-N )
Vism.: visuddhi-magga

Lucid24.org EBT guides

The Raft ☸🚣‍
   Sutta passages you need to memorize and recite daily.
only 1 way‍ : There’s only one way, to rock
    Mastering core ideas on 4 noble truths, noble eightfold path, seven awakening factors.
Goldcraft : The Perfection of Samādhi
    Meditation guide on the 20 or so subjects in EBT .
Gold Vol.2 : Counterfeit Gold: The Corruption of Samādhi
    How LBT deviates from EBT
fnod : Frank's comments on some suttas

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