4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

STED 5niv⛅: pañca nīvaraṇā

5 hindrances

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similes for 5niv⛅

AN 3.101 simile of 3 levels of gold impurities preventing samadhi and 6ab ⚡☸. 5niv are the 2nd level moderate impurities.
AN 5.23 simile of gold impurities (instead of 'nivarana' calls 5niv 'cittassa upakkilesā') preventing samadhi and 6ab ⚡☸. Also uses keywords from j4🌕 āneñja⚡.
AN 5.51 simile of river split into 5.
DN 2 similes 1. in debt, 2. ill, 3. imprisoned, 4. slave, 5. crossing desert
MN 140 references goldsmith removing impurities, similar to AN 3.101 and AN 3.102, but doesn't call out 5 elements of 5niv by names.
SN 46.33 5 impurities of gold (copper, tin, silver...) make gold (samadhi mind) brittle and unworkable.
SN 46.55 similes for not seeing one's reflection in bowl of water: 1. water is colored with dyes, 2. heated by fire, boiling and bubbling, 3. overgrown with moss, 4. stirred by the wind, 5. murky, muddy.

1. kāma-c-chando❤️‍🔥 / sensual-desire

🔬1.kāma-c-chando❤️‍🔥, as a nīvaraṇā hindrance.
See kāma 💘💃‍ for detailed treatment and a comprehensive manual of techniques on destroying lust. This article will focus more specifically on kāma-c-chanda as one of the 5 hindrances.

2. byāpādo😠 / ill-will

🔬2. byāpādo😠 / ill-will

3. thina-middhaṃ🥱 / sloth and torpor

🔬3. thina-middhaṃ🥱 / sloth and torpor
This sutta is especially useful: AN 7.61 Pacalāyana: Buddha advises Moggallana with 7 ways to cope: You should have short summary of 7 steps memorized and recite daily.

4. uddhacca-kukkuccaṃ😰 / restlessness and remorse

🔬4. uddhacca-kukkuccaṃ😰 / restlessness and remorse
AN 3.130 anuruddha has divine eye with passadhi, samadhi, ekagga citta, but not arahant yet and subtle 5niv for restlessness and remorse, and conceit.

5. vici-kicchā🤷 / skeptical doubt

🔬5. vici-kicchā🤷 / skeptical doubt
MN 63 famous simile of person dying refusing to pull out arrow without getting answers


Suttas of relevance

SN 46 vagga 4. Hindrances chapter (Nīvaraṇa-vagga). 10 suttas starting at SN 46.31
🔗SN 46.55, bart simpson and beer goggles

additional info: 5⛅ non ebt commentary

Nyanaponika Thera's booklet

I used his book as a starting point for this 5niv reference.https://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/nyanaponika/wheel026.html#sloth: The Five Mental Hindrances and Their Conquest Selected Texts from the Pali Canon and the Commentaries compiled and translated by Nyanaponika Thera 

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