4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

4👑☸UPED📚 Jhāna     🔝

Jhāna = meditation

See 8🌄 for full details.

zen = Jhāna

'Zen' is the Japanese transliteration of Jhāna.

In Mahayana Buddhism

The Zen school emphasized meditation, in reaction to overly intellectual monastic scholars who didn't meditate enough and lost touch with core Buddhist principles such as SN 56.1 that clearly state realization of truth requires sufficient quality of Jhāna and ☂️🌄.

EBT repossession of the term 'Zen'

What lucid24.org realized, is that the word 'Zen' is immensely useful because it's a standard English dictionary word most English speakers understand worldwide, and people even generally understand the correct original meaning of zen, being Jhāna. In contrast, Mahayana school of Zen, while it emphasizes meditation, like the modern schools of "mindfulness ", have made it into a vague fuzzy practice losing the precise meaning the Buddha gave in 4j🌕 definition.


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