4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

4bv☮️ → 3. Muditā😊

Rejoicing in virtue

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mudita : rejoicing in skillful Dharmas

✅ one rejoices in virtuous, skillful Dharmas in oneself, in others, or both in oneself and others.
* virtuous skillful Dharma can be a bodily action, a verbal action, or mental action (if you're a mind reader you can rejoice in virtuous thoughts someone is thinking or about to think).
* The skillful Dharma can be from the past, present, or future.
* an action that deliberately avoids unskillful Dharmas, is also a skillful Dharma.
* the person one is observing performing virtuous Dharma is typically, but not necessarily experiencing joy. Example: someone does an action because "it's the right thing to do", but they feel pain instead of joy.
✅ Mudita is nearly synonymous or the immediate precursor to pamojja and pīti in the seven awakening factors 4😁 , and pīti in the first two jhānas. (AN 5.26, AN 4.125 and AN 4.126)
✅ Muditā can be done concurrently with sati , samādhi, 4 jhānas (4j🌕 ), in any posture AN 8.63. Alternatively, one could enter jhāna samādhi directly without using pīti, mudita, and abide with or without sukha.
✅ Mudita as a brahma-vihara 3.😊 , in the Buddha's EBT , is in some ways more versatile than pre-Buddhist Mudita, but in other ways more restrictive to bring it into conformity with the Buddha's Dharma that leads to Nirvana instead of just good rebirth in Brahma realm. (see par for the Buddha )
⛔ Mudita is not an indiscriminate rejoicing at someone experiencing joy, especially if they are joyful from performing unskillful Dharmas.

😊 muditā-sahagatena cetasā
😊 with a mind that rejoices in skillful Dharmas,
ekaṃ disaṃ pharitvā
pervade [that mind state] in the direction [of the first quarter, without limit].
Live in this way.
tathā dutiyaṃ,
likewise (the) second [quarter],
tathā tatiyaṃ,
likewise (the) third [quarter],
tathā catutthaṃ;
likewise (the) fourth [quarter],
iti uddham-adho
Thus above,-below,
tiriyaṃ sabbadhi
across, everywhere,
sabbāvantaṃ lokaṃ
(to the) entire world
😊 muditā-sahagatena cetasā
😊 with a mind that rejoices in skillful Dharmas,
vipulena maha-g-gatena
vast, exalted,
appamāṇena a-verena
unlimited, without-vengeful-animosity,
A-byāpajjena pharitvā
without ill will, pervade [that mind state everywhere].
Live in this way.

Relevant suttas

AN 3.95 explicit 4bv mudita (not just pamojja-pīti) as ceto vimutti links to 7sb pīti pamojja

AN 5.161 - AN 5.162: Ostensibly, these two suttas are about how to use 4bv to remove resentment and hatred, but even though the word 'muditā' does not appear, AN 5.162 is giving 5 very good examples of what mudita means as a brahma vihāra.

KN Pe 607: Muditābhāvanā pītisukhasampajaññā kāritā. Keeping gladness in being is the state of one who acts with happiness, pleasure, and awareness.

SN 42.13 also has 4bv link into 7sb piti pamojja. Rejoicing in one's own virtue, leading to 7sb and good rebirth

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