4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

4bv☮️ → 4. Upekkhā🛆👁️


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Upekkhā (4.🛆👁️ ): Equanimous-observation

Upekkhā (fem.) = looking on; mental poise; mental balance; equanimity; non-reactivity; composure [upa + √ikkh + ā]
✅ As one of the 4bv☮️ , this attitude is unlimited, impartial, universal and applies to all beings without exception MN 21.
✅ Upekkhā should be done concurrently with sati , samādhi, 4 jhānas (4j🌕 ), maintained at all times and all postures. AN 8.63 and A-byāpāda, A-vihiṃsā-saṅkappo of 👑8☸2💭
✅ Upekkhā is equivalent or nearly identical in the many sets of Dharmas it appears in, as part of 4bv☮️ , 3rd and 4th jhāna, as part of 7sb awakening factors, 5abi, etc. See details in 7🛆👁 .
⛔ Upekkhā is not indifference to others' suffering.
⛔ Upekkhā is not temporary indifference/boredom to sensual pleasures, with underlying passion still latent and just waiting to emerge later when one gets hungry or lustful again. MN 137.

🛆👁 upekkhā-sahagatena cetasā
🛆👁 with a mind of equanimous-observation,
ekaṃ disaṃ pharitvā
pervade [that mind state] in the direction [of the first quarter, without limit].
Live in this way.
tathā dutiyaṃ,
likewise (the) second [quarter],
tathā tatiyaṃ,
likewise (the) third [quarter],
tathā catutthaṃ;
likewise (the) fourth [quarter],
iti uddham-adho
Thus above,-below,
tiriyaṃ sabbadhi
across, everywhere,
sabbāvantaṃ lokaṃ
(to the) entire world
🛆👁 upekkhā-sahagatena cetasā
🛆👁 with a mind of equanimous-observation,
vipulena maha-g-gatena
vast, exalted,
appamāṇena a-verena
unlimited, without-vengeful-animosity,
A-byāpajjena pharitvā
without ill will, pervade [that mind state everywhere].
Live in this way.

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