4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

16🌬️😤 comparison

with 3 other popular meditation methods

4👑☸STED 4 meditations     a-subha 🧟‍   1.🤝🤗   16🌬️😤‍   7🐘   8🌄 (⤴)

excerpt from AN 9.1 and KN Ud 4.1

(KN Iti 85 and MN 62 have similar passages)

1) asubha 🧟 → remove lust and passion

a-subhā bhāvetabbā
Non-beautiful [foulness perceptions] (he) should-develop,
rāgassa pahānāya,
(for) [lustful] passion's removal,

2) metta ☮️ → remove ill will

mettā bhāvetabbā
Friendly-kindness (he) should-develop,
byāpādassa pahānāya,
(for) ill-will's removal,

3) 16 APS 🌬️😤 → remove vitakka/thinking

ānā-pānas-sati bhāvetabbā
Inhale-exhale-remembering (he) should-develop,
(for) [distractive] thinking's-cutting-off,

4) a-nicca-sañña ⌛💭 → uproot pride, conceit, self

a-nicca-saññā bhāvetabbā
im-permanence-perception (he) should-develop,
(for) pride-(and)-conceit's-uprooting.
A-nicca-saññino, bhikkhave,
(for one who has) Im-permanence-perception, monks,
an-atta-saññā saṇṭhāti.
not-self-perception (is) established.
(for one who has) not-self-perception,
asmi-māna-samug-ghātaṃ pāpuṇāti
pride-(and)-conceit's-uprooting (is) attained,
diṭṭheva dhamme nibbānan
Seen ☸Dharma [truth experienced here & now], (is) Nirvana."

MN 62 expands metta into 4bv☮️

How can they be combined?

How can these 4 methods be combined together in various combinations, working synergistically? The answer is in MN 62. 16APS, 4bv, 4dht elements, 31asb🧟‍, Dhamma-anu-passana all working together cooperatively, while doing 16APS. 

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