4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

👑8☸ → 6🏹 Sammā Vāyāmo


Sammā Vāyāmo = STED 4pd🏹

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STED 4pd🏹 (in full)

“katamo ca, bhikkhave, sammā-vāyāmo?
What **, *********, is right-effort?
An-uppannānaṃ pāpakānaṃ a-kusalānaṃ dhammānaṃ…
Not-yet-arisen evil, un-skillful ☸Dhamma-[teachings]…
uppannānaṃ pāpakānaṃ a-kusalānaṃ dhammānaṃ…
arisen evil, un-skillful ☸Dhamma-[teachings]…
An-uppannānaṃ kusalānaṃ dhammānaṃ…
Not-yet-arisen skillful ☸Dhamma-[teachings]…
uppannānaṃ kusalānaṃ dhammānaṃ …
arisen skillful ☸Dhamma-[teachings]…
chandaṃ janeti vāyamati vīriyaṃ ārabhati cittaṃ paggaṇhāti padahati,
desire (he) generates! (he) endeavors! Vigor & vitality (he) arouses! (the) mind (he) pushes, exerts!

"Monks, what is right effort?"
1. He does not allow unskillful ☸Dharmas that have not arisen to arise.
2. He abandons unskillful ☸Dharmas that have arisen.
3. He arouses skillful ☸Dharmas that have not arisen.
4. With arisen skillful ☸Dharmas, he maintains, without confusion, increases, makes plenty, develops to their culmination.

[In all four modes of right effort],
* He generates desire, endeavors, arouses vigor,
* exerts and pushes his mind
"This, monks, is called right effort."

How right effort & vigor

works together with sati & samādhi

elephant and indra at war with 3am The elephant is sati. Always remembers what he needs to do, never forgets. The rider, Indra, represents the wise gate keeper from AN 7.67, the frontier fortress. The 3 demons opposing the good guys represent the 3am (akusala mula), raga, dosa, moha. Viriya, right effort, right exertion (4pd), viriya-indriya and bala, are for the most part equivalent. They are the army from AN 7.67, armed with the Dhamma weapons, fighting against 5niv, 3am, etc. Viriya, Vigor, vitaliy, virility, derive from the same ancient roots. They are 'heroic' (think hero pose from hatha yoga, and the 'vi' from viagra). They are the motor, the energy, the driving force for all good actions.

viriya: vigor/vitality/virility. Its role in right effort, viriya-indiriya (faculty), and viriya-bojjhanga (awakening factor)

SN 21.3 āraddha-vīriyo (aroused-vigor) = let my flesh and blood dry up...

Kittāvatā nu kho, bhante, āraddhavīriyo hotī’ti? How is an energetic person defined?’ Evaṃ vutte, maṃ, āvuso, bhagavā etadavoca: When I said this, the Buddha said: ‘idha, moggallāna, bhikkhu āraddhavīriyo viharati— ‘Moggallāna, it’s when a mendicant lives with energy roused up: kāmaṃ taco ca nhāru ca aṭṭhi ca avasissatu, sarīre upassussatu maṃsalohitaṃ, yaṃ taṃ purisathāmena purisavīriyena purisaparakkamena pattabbaṃ na taṃ apāpuṇitvā vīriyassa saṇṭhānaṃ bhavissatīti. “Gladly, let only skin, sinews, and bones remain! Let the flesh and blood waste away in my body! I will not stop trying until I have achieved what is possible by manly strength, energy, and vigor.”

(5bal) → 2🏹: vīriya-bala

Same as (5ind).

(5ind) → 2🏹: vīriy'-indriyaṃ

Same for (5bal). SN 48.9: ♦ “katamañ-ca, bhikkhave, vīriy-indriyaṃ? "{and}-what, monks, (is) vigor-faculty? idha, bhikkhave, ariya-sāvako here, monks, (a) disciple-of-the-noble-ones āraddha-vīriyo viharati (with) aroused-vigor (he) dwells, a-kusalānaṃ dhammānaṃ pahānāya, (for) un-skillful qualities removal, kusalānaṃ dhammānaṃ upasampadāya, (for) skillful qualities undertaking, thāmavā daḷha-parakkamo (He is) powerful, strong-(in)-exertion, a-nikkhitta-dhuro not-neglecting-duties kusalesu dhammesu — (in) [developing] skillful-qualities - idaṃ vuccati, bhikkhave, vīriy-indriyaṃ. this (is) called, *********, vigor-faculty.

(7sb☀️) → 3🏹: vīriya-sam-bojjh-aṅga

SN 46.3: (3. 🏹 Vīriya: āraddhaṃ hoti vīriyaṃ a-sallīnaṃ.) 3. 🏹 his aroused vigor is not-slackening
SN 46.2: Atthi, bhikkhave, There-is, monks, ārambha-dhātu (the) arousal-element, nikkama-dhātu (the) endeavor-element, parakkama-dhātu. (the) exertion-element. Tattha yoniso-manasi-kāra-bahulī-kāro– (To) that-there, wise-mental-production-frequently-done, ayam-āhāro an-uppannassa vā is-the-nutriment (for) un-arisen vīriya-sam-bojjh-aṅgassa uppādāya, vigor-awakening-factor's arising, uppannassa vā vīriya-sam-bojjh-aṅgassa (and) arisen vigor-awakening-factor's bhāvanāya pāripūriyā. development (and) fulfillment.

(37bp🕊️) → 4pd🏹: samma-p-padhāna

AN 4.13: STED sammap-padhānāni defined exactly same as STED sammā-vāyāmo
AN 4.14: gives some specific exercises to do for each of the 4 factors

NWBH: Not What But How

It's not what you do, but the way how you do it.


SN 21.3 Buddha glosses the definition for āraddha-vīriyo viharati: "let only my skin and bones remain..."
🔗🏦 Bank of Vīriya🏹: collection of helpful materials

padhāna ⊜ equivalent factors

4pd🏹 = 5bal👊️2🏹 = 5ind🖐️2🏹 = 7sb☀️ 3🏹 = 👑8☸6🏹

4pd🏹 = 4 padhāna = 4 exertions of 37bp🕊️
5bal👊️2🏹 = vīriya-bala
5ind🖐️2🏹 = vīriya-indriyam
7sb☀️ 3🏹 = vīriya-sam-bojjh-aṅga, vigor-awakening-factor
👑8☸6🏹 = sammā-vāyāmo 🏹, right effort

padhāna central repository

Most of the information on vīriya (vigor) factor will be collected in 👑8☸ → 6🏹 = sammā-vāyāmo 🏹, right effort. The equivalent vīriya factor pages will focus on how they differ from sammā-vāyāmo 🏹

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