4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦


👑8☸ undistractible-lucidity-aggregate

4👑☸☂️🌄samādhi-khandha     🔝
MN 44
yo ca sammā-vāyāmo yā ca sammā-sati yo ca sammā-samādhi
Right-effort, right-remembering, & righteous-undistractable-lucidity
ime dhammā samādhik-khandhe saṅgahitā.
those Dhammas {come under the} undistractable-lucidity-aggregate.

Sati is memory 🐘

elephant and bodhi tree The elephant never forgets.

sati = remembering = two way memory access, memorization + recollection (SN 48.9 sati-indriya).
SMRTI = You (S)uppose to (M)emorize and (R)ecollect (T)errific (I)deas.
SATI = You (S)uppose to (A)ctualize (T)errific (I)deas
☸Dhamma = those (T)errific (I)deas.

sati remembers ☸Dhamma. Always.

How right effort & vigor

works together with sati & samādhi

elephant and indra at war with 3am • The elephant is sati. Always remembers what he needs to do, never forgets.
• The rider, Indra, represents the wise gate keeper from AN 7.67 🏰.
• The 3 demons opposing the good guys represent the 3am (akusala mula), raga, dosa, moha.
 • Viriya, right effort, right exertion (4pd), viriya-indriya and bala, are for the most part equivalent. They are the army from AN 7.67 🏰, armed with the ☸Dhamma weapons, fighting against 5niv, 3am, etc.
• Viriya, Vigor, vitaliy, virility, derive from the same ancient roots. They are 'heroic' (think hero pose from hatha yoga, and the 'vi' from viagra).
• They are the motor, the energy, the driving force for all good actions.

The essence of Sammā Samādhi

samma samadhi kicking ass • The elephant is sati ("mindful"). Always remembers what ☸Dharma he needs to do, never forgets.
• The rider/mahout is the wise gate keeper from AN 7.67 🏰, the frontier fortress.
• elephant & rider = S&S🐘💭 = sati & sampajāno = remembering & lucid-discerning
• Together, they are resilient (khamo), can patiently endure any kind of horrifying trauma.
AN 5.139 : “And how is a king’s elephant resilient to ...fearful sights... horrible smells ... terrifying sounds ... physical pain ...? ... having gone into battle, he is pierced by a flight of arrows, two flights, three flights, four flights, five flights of arrows, but he doesn’t falter or faint, he steels himself and engages in the battle...
• That resilience 🌄🐘🛡️🏹‍ (khamo) is the defining characteristic of samādhi. Not "stillness". Pacification and serenity are important nutriments of samādhi, but they are not equivalent to it.
• There are many 'samādhi suttas' in the EBT, but only one sutta titled "sammā samādhi" AN 5.113. Its central focus is Khamo/resilience, not "stillness".
• Samādhi is not a trance, not a state where you can't think, can not act, and not form an intention.
• Samādhi is dynamic. It can appear quiescent, but it's poised and alert, not in a frozen trance. When you're in samādhi, you may appear very still, but you ready.
• Ready, on a moment's notice, to fight the āsavās and break through to nirvana.
• Samādhi is the pinnacle 🌄 of lucidity, of mental power. AN 5.113 : “possesssing five-of-these qualities, (a) monk [is] capable (of) dwelling in righteous-undistractable-lucidity, Which five? (a) monk is resilient to forms, sounds, odors, tastes, and tactile-objects, ...

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