4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

 4👑☸STEDkāya-gatā-sati 🏃‍     sati 🐘   (⤴)

kāya-gatā-sati 🏃‍kgs = body-immersed-remembering 念身

This practice involves maintaining continuous attention anchored to the physical body, or a bodily process (examples, SN 47.20, SN 35.247. Doing so guards the sense doors. Also, like 16APS🌬️😤 breath meditation, which is a subset of 🏃‍kgs, it has the wondrous property of removing unprofitable thoughts and hindrances, since the energy required to monitor physical processes fully occupies one's attentional bandwidth, leaving no room for extraneous thoughts. Comparing MN 119 (🏃‍kgs sutta) with MN 10 (sati'paṭṭhāna sutta), the body contemplation (kāya-anu-passana) exercises listed are identical, except that MN 119 🏃‍kgs also includes the 4 jhānas and their similes (AN 5.28). Where the two suttas differ, is that the refrain that follows each exercise, in MN 10 there is a set of vipassana instructions to oberve rise and fall, etc. Whereas in MN 119 🏃‍kgs, the refrain instead has instructions to use the exercise to get into 4 jhānas. Interestingly, MN 119 🏃‍kgs, never mentions the ubiquitous 4sp🐘 formula at all. Surveying all the pāli sutta refernces to 🏃‍kgs, it's a frequently occurring theme to use 🏃‍kgs to get into 4 jhānas, or to expect that one is doing 🏃‍kgs with 4 jhānas concurrently.

kāya-gatā-sati 🏃‍

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