4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

🛆👁 Upekkha


4👑☸👑8☸8🌄upekkha 🛆👁     🔝

🛆👁 Upekkha = equanimous-observation

1. as awakening factor 7🛆👁 : doing vipassana to awaken (SN 46.3), is exactly the same as (#2) upekkha in 4 jhānas.
2. in four jhānas (4j🌕 ) doing vipassana (AN 3.102).
3. in 5👑abi️ as in MN 152, one can infer, is also the same as the above,
since for one to be an awakened noble, one would need a minimum of first jhāna, obtained via 7sb☀️ .
4. in brahma-vihāra 4bv☮️ , for an ariya, would share attributes with all of the above.
As part of 4bv, one would energetically pervade in all directions (of desired radius).
upekkha that could be sensed by other beings as a palpable peaceful radiation,
similar to how seeing someone smile can make you smile.
5. upekkha of 5 indriya/vedana (SN 48.37) corresponds to 3rd and 4th jhāna.
The 4 jhānas are the progressive pacification (passaddhi-sambojjhanga)
of these 5 indriya/vedana (SN 36.11).
6. Upekkha of unawakened ordinary person = equanimous-boredom when indulging in 5kg , see MN 137.3.5 and SN

⛔ Upekkha is not just 'equanimity'. It's equanimous-observation. Upekkha = upa + ikkhati (👁 looking upon [with right view]).
Just as a peanut butter sandwich is not a peanut butter AND JELLY sandwich. Two different things.
✅ Upekkha has an equanimity aspect, but more importantly, vipassana capability to realize awakening.
It's basically Dhamma-vicaya-bojjhanga supercharged with samādhi-sam-bojjhanga (aka four jhānas) + right view.

only 1 way‍ 7.7.3    7sb☀️7🛆👁 : as the 7th awakening factor
only 1 way‍ 7.7.2    8🌄🛆👁: part of 3rd and 4th jhāna, of sammā samādhi
only 1 way‍ 7.7.4    4bv☮️4.🛆👁️ : as the 4th brahma-vihāra
only 1 way‍ 7.7.5    upekkha of 5 indriya/vedana (SN 48.37) corresponds to 3rd and 4th jhāna.
5👑abi️ : as part of the 5th noble one's developed faculties.

Upekkha as part of 3rd and 4th jhāna

j3🌖 3rd jhāna, j4🌕 4th jhāna

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