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JST🥪 1: (J)hāna (S)andwich (T)heorem

If the sutta passage has sīla on one end and arahantship on the other,
4 jhānas must be sandwiched in between even if the term ‘jhāna’ is not explicitly mentioned.
    JST🥪 1.1 Suttas where it explicitly states 4 jhānas are necessary for nirvana
    JST🥪 1.2 examples where we apply JST theorem to conclude 4 jhānas must be sandwiched in there
    JST🥪 1.3 code phrases that mean "do 4 jhānas"
JST🥪 2 Vitakka and Vāca corollary - proof first jhāna contains verbal linguistic thoughts
JST🥪 3 embodied samādhi corollary – Rūpa is not a-rūpa. Duh!
JST🥪 4 Āneñja corollary – how do we know if the imperturbable is referring to fourth jhāna or the formless attainments?
JST🥪 5 Upekkha corollary – when it’s nirvana context, upekkha is 4th jhāna

JST: (J)hāna (S)andwich (T)heorem

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