4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

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Counterfeit Gold: The Corruption of Samādhi

         Gold Vol.2 4.3.1 - j1🌘 First Jhāna
            Gold Vol.2 - vivicceva kāmehi = judicious-seclusion from sensual pleasures
                Gold Vol.2 – ⛔Ajahn Brahm school of heretical interpretations on first jhāna’s kāmehi
                    Gold Vol.2 – Billionaire playboy tires of his harem and goes into seclusion: Or, Why it's better to translate first jhāna's kāmehi as 'sensuality'
                    Gold Vol.2 – Ajahn Brahm's junk-o-rāma, vs. Billionaire playground kāma-rāma, which one would you rather go to?
                    Gold Vol.2 – MN 111 Ven. Sunyo (Ajahn Brahm Jhāna) and Ven. Analayo claim emergence with sati in 8th and 9th attainment proves jhāna is a frozen absorbed state
                    Gold Vol.2 – vinaya Bhikkhu Vibhanga translation: Ajahn Brahmali murders the Buddha's physical body in the four jhānas
        Gold Vol.2 4.5.1 – Mettā🤝🤗: friendly-kindness
            Gold Vol.2 – Metta is not 'love'
                Gold Vol.2 – Kp 9, Snp 1.8: a new reading of the Mettasutta [from Sujato] that will change everything [for the worse]
            Gold Vol.2 10.1.4...19.1 – MN 19 What would happen to the cowherd following Ajahn Brahm's redefinition of jhāna?
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If you're practicing corrupted sutta instructions on jhāna & samādhi, it feels like running a mile in 128-degree(f) Death Valley dressed as Darth Vader

If you're attempting, doing, or close to the Buddha's Jhāna, it should feel like this